Hotel Telč

Hotel Telč is located in the historic center of the town of Telč.
Lying at the midpoint of the old Empires Route between Vienna and Prague. Telč is the best preserved Renaissance town north of the Alps and was recently added to the UNESCO list of international heritage sights. The Hotel has accomodations for 19 people and maintains the highest standards of comfort and service.

Adress: Na Můstku 37
58856 Telč
Czech Republic
Tel: +420 567 243 109
Fax: +420 567 223 887 price from 15 euro

Kind of accommodation Prize in seazon
1.7. - 31.8., 31.12.
Prize out of seazon Info
Single room  EUR  EUR more ...
Double room  EUR  EUR more ...
Double large room  EUR  EUR more ...
týdenní pobyty  EUR  EUR more ...